Gemeinsam Erfolgreich Zur Begleithundprüfung (German)


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Book - Gemeinsam Erfolgreich Zur Begleithundprüfung (German Language)

The great success of our obedience book "Gemeinsam erfolgreich - Der Weg zur meisterhaften Unterordnung" (Successful together - the way to masterful obedience), also thanks to many personal conversations and comments, directed our attention to the beginning of every success in dog sports: the companion dog test. Almost no dog sport without a previous companion dog examination. And if you don't want to do any dog sport, you would do well to train your dog to be a tolerable and well to lead companion in everyday life. The companion dog examination creates the condition for it.

Despite all the national and international titles, we also start all over again with every young dog - at the companion dog examination. And precisely because our goals are set high, it becomes clear to us again and again how important this foundation of the companion dog exam is for the future. Unfortunately, this basis of cooperation - for everyday life as well as sport - is too often underestimated and taken lightly.

There is no fast way to the companion dog exam, but now there is the book for a successful and future-proof companion dog exam:

Successful together for the Companion Dog Exam

On 284 richly illustrated pages we guide the reader step by step to the successful companion dog test.
The only prerequisites are motivation, emotion, enthusiasm, diligence and consistency.

Topic: Companion dog examination - the subordination

  • Step by step instructions for each exercise
  • Explanations from puppy age to exam preparation
  • Illustrated with many pictures
  • Scope 284 pages
  • size 17 x 22cm softcover

Note: Books where the plastic packaging has been torn or damaged cannot be returned.

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