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Our desire to find a solution for every character of dog has always given us new ideas. The realization of these ideas was always done with competent partners and we are very proud to offer them here.

Welcome to CP Scherk - Dogsport with Passion

Our passion has been for dog sports for many decades. We have dedicated ourselves to IGP Sport and pursue it at the highest level, both as active dog handlers and as trainers (of various breeds). (Our successes)

As a couple we are united by this enthusiasm, which we know how to transmit to the dog and dog handler with great pleasure. A core part of our philosophy is to combine the exercise itself with many positive emotions and thus to develop in the dog a passion for learning and the task itself.

The will to find a solution for every type of dog drives us to constantly develop our method further. It is very important to us to pass on our knowledge and experience and we enjoy training with others.

"Fabulous trainers that put their heart and soul into every dog and person. They have taught me so much. Cannot recommend them highly enough."


"Dog training at its best! Sympathetic and humorous presentation of an incredibly well thought-out and coherent concept of training."


"great professionals, I got to have contacts a few years ago, I still follow their technique very much in obedience."

Pat Dei Bonaccorso

"Ihr seid einfach klasse, das Trainingssystem ist super da es alles auf Spaß ausgelegt ist für beide Hund und Mensch"

Stefanie Šarić

"Ich habe jetzt beide Seminare besucht UO und Schutzdienst und ich bin ganz begeistert, ich würde die Seminare immer wieder weiter empfehlen."

Katrin Stenzel

"Ein tolles Team, wunderbare Menschen, und eine genialen Ausbildungsmethode. So macht lernen Hunden und Hundeführern Freude."

Gabriele Brunner

This is also how our dog sport club "Team Heuwinkl" was formed, which is certainly one of the most successful in the world. Besides club life we offer seminars and coaching worldwide and are very proud of the success of our coachees.

Together with our friend Dr. Florian Knabl we wrote down our philosophy on the subject of obedience in the book "Successful together - the way to masterful obedience".

In 2020 we have developed a high-quality dog food , which we can use perfectly in training due to the special form of the croquettes and at the same time provides all ingredients for the active sports dog.

We want to ignite the passion for our sport in you and your dog and hope to accompany you on this way.

Connie and Peter Scherk


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