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Our desire to find a solution for every character of dog has always given us new ideas. The realization of these ideas was always done with competent partners and we are very proud to offer them here.

Welcome to CP Scherk - Dogsport with Passion

Our passion has been for dog sports for many decades. We have dedicated ourselves to IGP Sport and pursue it at the highest level, both as active dog handlers and as trainers (of various breeds). (Our successes)

As a couple we are united by this enthusiasm, which we know how to transmit to the dog and dog handler with great pleasure. A core part of our philosophy is to combine the exercise itself with many positive emotions and thus to develop in the dog a passion for learning and the task itself.

The will to find a solution for every type of dog drives us to constantly develop our method further. It is very important to us to pass on our knowledge and experience and we enjoy training with others.

"Connie & Peter Scherk have accompanied me in dog sports for almost 10 years.
Learning and living their methods has led me to many successes in recent years. I couldn't have achieved these successes without Connie and Peter.
The two of them are my great role models in dog sports. "

Làzsló Németh
(3x Hungarian Champion)

"Dog training at its best! Sympathetic and humorous presentation of an incredibly well thought-out and coherent concept of training."


"Fabulous trainers that put their heart and soul into every dog and person. They have taught me so much. Cannot recommend them highly enough."

Monique Anastee
(Worldchampionship participate)

"You are just great, the training system is super because everything is designed for fun for both dog and human"

Stefanie Šarić

"If you haven’t been to one of their seminars then you have really missed something! Inspiring and so well structured. The book is a great help everything is explained in great detail.
I would have been lost without their help!"

Karen Anne Bukowski
(2x English Champion and Bundesleistungssieger)

"A great team, wonderful people, and an ingenious training method. This is how dogs and dog handlers enjoy learning."

Gabriele Brunner

This is also how our dog sport club "Team Heuwinkl" was formed, which is certainly one of the most successful in the world. Besides club life we offer seminars and coaching worldwide and are very proud of the success of our coachees.

Together with our friend Dr. Florian Knabl we wrote down our philosophy on the subject of obedience in the book "Successful together - the way to masterful obedience".

In 2020 we have developed a high-quality dog food , which we can use perfectly in training due to the special form of the croquettes and at the same time provides all ingredients for the active sports dog.

We want to ignite the passion for our sport in you and your dog and hope to accompany you on this way.

Connie and Peter Scherk


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Successful Together- The Journey To Masterful Protection Work

Successful Together- The Journey To Masterful Protection Work

Peter Scherk

1. edition

The secret of a high-quality protection work lies in the perfect interplay of dominant, expressive confrontations with the helper and an equally expressive, tension-filled and powerful leadership of the dog based on positive motivation.

For years, the instructors at Heuwinkl have been setting the course for such modern and species-appropriate training. The prerequisite for this is a passion for protection, coupled with the demand for constant improvement of procedures and adaptation to changing conditions. Hardly any dog sport discipline has been exposed to such a dramatic change in just a few years as the protection work. It was and is important to do justice to this in order to actively meet the change instead of being at its mercy. Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl as well as Connie Scherk are the protagonists who are constantly working on improvements, tracking down problems and developing solutions.


The reward: 5 x individual world champion, 14 x team world champion and 15 times participation in world championships. In addition to many other placements on the podium, as well as countless titles at national and international competitions for the entire Team Heuwinkl.


Now the long awaited handbook on protection work by Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl is finally available:


"Successful together - The way to masterful protection work", the complete manual on IGP protection, step by step in words and pictures by real masters of their trade!



Back of the book

Three world champions, one idea- a professional and consistent training system.

 That, in a few words, is the Dog Sports Club Heuwinkl in Upper Bavaria with its ideas and tacticians Conny and Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl. No other dog sports club in the world has collected more national and international titels in the past 30 years than Heuwinkl.

 Their success in protection work relies a lot on an understanding of the dogs conceptual and structural thinking, precision, consistency, diligence, perseverance, attention to detail, enthusiasm and a great deal of empathy for the dogs.

 In Heuwinkl protection work is understood as a confrontation between man and dog on eye level, passionate but respectful, whereby the perfect and fast alternation of dynamic fighting and tense pauses constitute the special challenge and attraction. The supporting, main elements are discipline, control and self-control of dog handler, dog and helper.

 Understood and practiced in this way, protection work is not just a random scuffle but a ritualized, structured martial art in which the dogs’ dignity is always at the center of the action. In Heuwinkl we use the dogs’ instincts and drives instead of working against them.

 In this way, the entire protection work becomes a kind of Hope Run for the dog, that carries him from exercise to exercise in constant expectation of being rewarded.

The authors develop the different elements of the protection work step by step with clear, detailed pictures, showing how to avoid the typical problems that may arise during protection work. The instructions are pepped up with lots of help and tricks gained from their many years of experience.


  • Subject IGP protection work
  • Step by step instuctions for each excercise.
  • Explanations from puppy age up to trial preparation
  • Illustrated with lots of pictures
  • Volume 409 Pages
  • ISBN 978-3-00-076334-2
Fitnesstraining für IGP Hunde - Teil 1

Fitness training for IGP dogs - part 1

Peter Scherk
We train a lot with our dogs in the IGP program, but at least as much to get their bodies fit and robust.
Thus we prevent quite purposefully injuries.
With a small series we want to show you how we get our dogs fit and efficient.
A basic exercise is the almost daily cycling. At least 5 times a week we cycle with our active dogs between 5 and 10 km. Most of the time we let them trot - but occasionally we also include short gallop stretches.
2 times a week we combine the bike ride with a dummy training. The dog is allowed to carry a dummy of 1500 grams for about 5 km. With this training we strengthen the neck, shoulder and also the jaw muscles - these muscle groups are extremely stressed especially in the protection service and if trained they prevent injuries especially in the neck area.
We start the dummy training with a lighter dummy (500g) and then increase it according to the level of performance.
Especially for these topics we like to get advice and training plans from experts, like Vivi Kutter - a professional fitness trainer and physiotherapist specialized in athletes in sport and dog sports.
🇩🇪 Hausaufgabenübng Schutzdienst - Abrufen vom Verbellversteck

homework training protection - calling out of the blind

Peter Scherk

Most people already know that a dog does not learn well in a high drive situation.

But do you also know this good idea how we teach our dogs the calling out of the blind?

In this video you can see Josep Bulo with his Haddock in preparation for the FCI World Championship.

He pushes the hope of a confirmation - initially a piece of food, later a toy - from the barking situation to the basic position. In doing so, we gradually play through the entire process, similar to protection work. It is very important not to create any fears, but to let our dog learn how big his advantage is when he follows our signals.

This idea and all other homework is described in detail in our soon coming book "Together Successful, the way to masterful Schutzdienst ".

Also, there are now many instructional videos on the topics on our site