We offer practical seminars in subordination and protection service. Here we illustrate our training philosophy, which has made the Team-Heuwinkl association what it is. One of the most successful clubs in the world.

We explain the training steps with descriptive video material. Following each exercise, participants have the opportunity to train these learning steps with their own dog under our guidance and assistance.

**The final dates for the year 2023 can be downloaded here**

Basic seminar subordination or protection service 2 days

Includes the complete program in subordination or protection service, starting with the puppy work up to the exam preparation.

The most important exercises in both sections are explained and trained with individual dogs.

Main seminar

Includes intensive work and explanation of desired focal points, e.g. footwork and apport, standing and barking, grip work, etc.

The focal points can be chosen at will, but must be announced in the seminar announcement.

As emphasis offer themselves:

UO - footwork, technical exercises, apport, advance

SD - attitude of the dog to SD, standing and barking, letting go with guard, back and side transport, footwork in SD (except back and side transport)

Training seminar

Includes intensive training without the detailed theory part. Prerequisite for all participants is the previous participation in a basic seminar.

Seminar for helpers

The main focus of the seminar is the presentation of our training concept in the protection service, as well as the individual training of the helper skills