We offer practical seminars in obedience and Schutzdienst. Here we illustrate our training philosophy, which has made the club Team-Heuwinkl what it is. One of the most successful clubs in the world.

We explain the training steps with clear video material. Following each partial exercise, participants have the opportunity to train these learning steps with their own dog under our guidance and assistance.

**The seminar dates for 2024 can be downloaded here**.

Basic seminar obedience or protection 2 days

Includes the complete program in obedience or Schutzdienst, starting with puppy work and ending with test preparation.

The most important exercises in both departments are explained and trained with individual dogs.

Focus seminar

Includes intensive work and explanation of the desired focus areas, e.g. footwork and retrieve, posing and barking, grip work, etc.

The focal points are arbitrarily selectable, must be already announced in the announcement of the seminar.

As emphasis offer themselves:

UO - footwork, technical exercises, apport, advance

SD - attitude of the dog to the SD, placing and barking, release with guarding, back and side transport, footwork in the SD (except back and side transport).

Training seminar

Includes intensive training without the extensive theory portion. Prerequisite for all participants is previous participation in a basic seminar.

Helpers seminar

The main focus of the seminar is the presentation of our training concept in the protection service, as well as the individual training of the helper skills.

How does a CPScherk seminar actually work?

Our aim at every seminar is to explain the complete structure of all the exercises from the first step to test readiness with the help of video examples and to illustrate them in practice with the participants' dogs. We think it is important that the dog handler understands the ideas of our training philosophy so that he can implement them well with his dog. It is sooo important to have a good overall plan so that we don't just have to deal with the problems later, but, if possible, everything goes in the right direction with the first training session. 🚀 It doesn't matter whether your goal is to take part in a world championship or simply to have a lot of fun with your buddy while heading towards a trial.