Gemeinsam Erfolgreich – Der Weg Zur Meisterhaften Unterordnung (German)

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The third new edition, revised in large parts, is finally finished!

Gemeinsam Erfolgreich – Der Weg Zur Meisterhaften Unterordnung (German Language)

Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl have been illustrious names in IPO dog sport for many years. They have spent half a lifetime with their dogs on dog training grounds and at competitions. Half a life they have tinkered and improved, traced problems and found solutions.

The reward: 5 x individual world champions, 14 x team world champions and 15 times participation in world championships. In addition, there are many more places on the podium, as well as countless titles in national and international competitions for both of them and the entire Team Heuwinkl.

For years they have been imparting their knowledge and experience, their ideas and problem solutions at seminars around the world. And for years they have been hearing the same question over and over again: Is all this available for reading?


Since the first edition in 2015, dog sport has developed further and we have not stopped at this level either. We tinker and optimize, we search for solutions. Others do the same, and we learn from each other. This is how new ideas grow and new methods mature. And a lot has changed in the past three years. It's not about the basic substance of our training, but about the paths to the greatest possible perfection and the many small but important details. It is time to communicate our current state of development in IPO sport to all interested dog sportsmen and women. We have taken up many suggestions and questions from our readers and seminar participants and, as far as possible, have tried to implement and answer them. The result is an even more consolidated and coherent training idea.

At first glance, this includes smaller but content-wise decisive adjustments for hand reduction in foot walking or a new idea for a faster crossing of the sloping wall that is easier on the joints, as well as a new helpful approach for collecting two toys. Also the complex sequence of movements for the left angle and the inside turned left turn (left turn) is now more precise in a detailed step sequence.

We have newly introduced barking as a mood-setter when walking and in technical exercises.

We have redesigned the standing exercise and made it considerably more in-depth and safe by introducing a variable confirmation for all three technical exercises (sitting, standing, standing).

This contribution to the psychology of learning will be an aha-reading for many dog sportsmen and women, a treasure trove of answers to the everyday questions about the learning behaviour of dogs. And it will open our eyes to why some things just don't work out. A real knock-hop for everyday life and training.

Now the time has come. Now it's all there for you to read!

"Successful together - the way to masterful submission" , the complete handbook for IPO submission, step by step in words and pictures by real masters of their trade!


More than 25 years of experience in IPO sports. More than 25 years of shaping the style and development of the IPO sport. More than 25 years on all the podiums around the world. No dog sports club worldwide has ever collected more titles. For this stands a name: Heuwinkl.

In the Upper Bavarian community of Iffeldorf, south of the Starnberger See, they are constantly tinkering with great dog and expert knowledge to further develop the dog sport and bring it to perfection.

Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl are the masterminds and driving forces behind the hay-clinklers. Behind these successful men is, as usual, a clever woman: Connie Scherk, who gives heart and warmth to precision and passion.

In their book, Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl give us a detailed account of their structure of all exercises in IPO subordination. In words and pictures and step by step they show us the way from puppy to master examinee, always keeping the decisive guarantees of success in view: Fun and excitement, motivation and fairness, diligence and patience, precision, plan and control.

And for those who are not really drawn to dog sports, who only want to work out a secure SIT or a fast PLACE with their darling, they profit equally from the experience of the authors because they learn how dog and human being can achieve success together in harmony. The reward for this is not a master title, but the unbreakable bond between dog and man, fun in the common work, constantly growing mutual trust and pride in the common success in many small steps.


Click here for a 14-page sample: "Successful together - the path to masterful submission" Sample


  • Topic: IPO Subordination
  • Step by step instructions for each exercise
  • Explanations from puppy age to exam preparation
  • Illustrated with many pictures
  • Scope approx. 400 pages
  • Price: 59,90€

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
K. Werner
Tolles Buch!

Absolutes Standardwerk für die erfolgreiche Ausbildung in der Unterordnung! Vom Anfänger bis zum Profi wird hier jeder fündig, egal ob als Leitfaden für den Aufbau vom Junghund oder als Nachschlagewerk für einzelne Korrekturen beim "alten Hasen". Die Übungen sind sehr detailliert beschrieben und gut nachvollziehbar aufgebaut. Besonders hervorzuheben sind dabei die Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitungen mit Bild!

Bernward knott
Der Weg ist das Ziel.,.

Und mit diesem Buch hat man einen sehr guten Weg eingeschlagen. Das Buch finde ich absolute Spitze. Der Aufbau der Übungen wird ausführlich und verständlich erklärt. Da hat Herrchen und Hund Spass beim Training. Ich kann dieses Buch jedem nur empfehlen.

Christian Lecoutre

Hallo Peter, ich habe Claudia die 4. überarbeitete Auflage geschenkt. Ich hätte ihr kein besseres Geschenk machen können.
Die neue Auflage ist der Hammer. Wieder viele neue Ausbildungs-Methoden super erklärt. Vielen Dank dafür. Wir freuen uns schon auf das nächste Semina.

Brinkdöpke Angelika
Klasse Buch

Dieses Buch ist wirklich Klasse. Es wird Schritt für Schritt der Aufbau beschrieben. Für jeden verständlich und schnell umsetzbar. Uns hat es sehr geholfen und die Begleithundeprüfung haben wir bestanden. Jetzt haben wir so viel Spaß bei der Unterordnung. Wir werden definitiv weiter üben. Danke

Anja Offert
Definitiv empfehlenswert!

Ein Buch welches Vorfreude aufs trainieren macht! Sehr toll geschriebenes Buch, welches den Aufbau der einzelnen Übungen leicht verständlich erklärt. Ich weiß zumindest was ich beim nächsten Hund anders machen werde als bisher, und möchte den Autoren ein großes Lob und Dankeschön aussprechen!

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