In 8 Schritten zum Fußlaufen

Heeling is at the heart of obedience, so you want to get it right from the start.

To give you a little orientation, we have broken down walking into 8 simplified steps. As always, the individual steps are described in our book and we can even offer detailed videos for individual steps. We have linked these.

The times are intended to provide some orientation and are individual for each team. As the saying goes - many roads lead to Rome – but this is ours.

You may notice that we keep heeling on the food hand for a long time. We do this very consciously, because as long as the dog heels in hand, controlled by us, the dog cannot make any mistakes. Due the exact position and positive mood is strengthened.

1. 8th week: Beginning of hunt for food

2. 8/9. Week: hunting for food + heeling on the food hand

3. from the 16th week: loosen hand contact while heeling

4. from the 5th month: slow walking – running step

5. from 5-6. Month: Hand releases gradually upwards

6. 10-14 months: from hand contact to eye contact

7. Approx. 2 months later: changes of direction and basic position

8. At the very end, increase in drive and behavior through prey (e.g. with TopMatic Magnetaball)

We hope this is helpful :) Let us know, if you would like to have timetables also for other exercises?