We love to praise our dogs and positive emotions are the basis of our training.

 ❕Praise is a very valuable tool as a positive reinforcer, and timing determines how it affects the exercise.

❕It is particularly important to us that when learning a new exercise, we connect the exercise with the feeling of happiness and not only the time window afterwards. ➡️ This means that we don't praise the dog after the successful exercise, but during the core exercise, as can be seen in the video.

❕In this way we can reinforce the phases that the dog should indulge in with our praise and the dogs don't push out of the exercise to get the reward afterwards. This brings us to the core of our philosophy - we want to enjoy the training and the practice of each exercise together. 💕 

We describe our entire philosophy and detailed step-by-step instructions in our book series 📚 "Successful together" and on our video platform 🎥 "Dogsport-online".