How to create your champion? Teil 2

It is clear to everyone that you get the best results in training while in a good mood.

But what do you do on days when something went wrong shortly before training and you are easy to be irritated or just in a bad mood?

Isn't it in this case allowed to train in order not to ruin the mood with the dog?

Clearly no!

We still train every day because routine is important.

If it is a day when we are in a bad mood (yes, that also happens😉), we do not practice any difficult exercises that our dog is not yet good at. Otherwise we would react too irritably and further worsen our “problematic exercise”.

In contrast, we train the exercises that our dog is particularly good at. Most of the time, the successful training parts even put you in a good mood again and you can also take on the more complex exercises. 🙂

If I e.g. with Etzel as a puppy once didn't feel like training, I just let him chase my hand with food. So we stay true to our idea that the dog gets all of his food from his hand at a young age.

We wrote more about this in our book “Together Successfull”. 📚