How to create your champion ? - Teil 1

We pay particular attention to motivation.
As the basic idea we have that the dog does not primarily just process something in order to get his reward, but the exercise itself represents something positive, for which the dog is enthusiastic. We achieve this with a lot of positive emotions. 👍🏼

So I praise Etzel a lot while practicing heeling and give him a great feeling with positive speech and food and after the exercise we go into a neutral mood. This creates the desire to heel again in Etzel to feel the great atmosphere again. Due to this Etzel develops a passion for heeling and will always look forward to “Etzel, let's do heeling!”. Later, a particularly great heeling can of course be additionally rewarded, but the basis will always be Etzels passion for heeling.

Did you know this already?

Read more about our training philosophy in our book „Successful Together“ by Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl 📖