Successful Together- The Journey To Masterful Protection Work (English)

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Successful Together- The Journey To Masterful Protection Work

 1. edition

The secret of a high-quality protection work lies in the perfect interplay of dominant, expressive confrontations with the helper and an equally expressive, tension-filled and powerful leadership of the dog based on positive motivation.

For years, the instructors at Heuwinkl have been setting the course for such modern and species-appropriate training. The prerequisite for this is a passion for protection, coupled with the demand for constant improvement of procedures and adaptation to changing conditions. Hardly any dog sport discipline has been exposed to such a dramatic change in just a few years as the protection work. It was and is important to do justice to this in order to actively meet the change instead of being at its mercy. Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl as well as Connie Scherk are the protagonists who are constantly working on improvements, tracking down problems and developing solutions.


The reward: 5 x individual world champion, 14 x team world champion and 15 times participation in world championships. In addition to many other placements on the podium, as well as countless titles at national and international competitions for the entire Team Heuwinkl.


Now the long awaited handbook on protection work by Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl is finally available:


"Successful together - The way to masterful protection work", the complete manual on IGP protection, step by step in words and pictures by real masters of their trade!



Back of the book

Three world champions, one idea- a professional and consistent training system.

 That, in a few words, is the Dog Sports Club Heuwinkl in Upper Bavaria with its ideas and tacticians Conny and Peter Scherk and Dr. Florian Knabl. No other dog sports club in the world has collected more national and international titels in the past 30 years than Heuwinkl.

 Their success in protection work relies a lot on an understanding of the dogs conceptual and structural thinking, precision, consistency, diligence, perseverance, attention to detail, enthusiasm and a great deal of empathy for the dogs.

 In Heuwinkl protection work is understood as a confrontation between man and dog on eye level, passionate but respectful, whereby the perfect and fast alternation of dynamic fighting and tense pauses constitute the special challenge and attraction. The supporting, main elements are discipline, control and self-control of dog handler, dog and helper.

 Understood and practiced in this way, protection work is not just a random scuffle but a ritualized, structured martial art in which the dogs’ dignity is always at the center of the action. In Heuwinkl we use the dogs’ instincts and drives instead of working against them.

 In this way, the entire protection work becomes a kind of Hope Run for the dog, that carries him from exercise to exercise in constant expectation of being rewarded.

The authors develop the different elements of the protection work step by step with clear, detailed pictures, showing how to avoid the typical problems that may arise during protection work. The instructions are pepped up with lots of help and tricks gained from their many years of experience.


  • Subject IGP protection work
  • Step by step instuctions for each excercise.
  • Explanations from puppy age up to trial preparation
  • Illustrated with lots of pictures
  • Volume 409 Pages
  • ISBN 978-3-00-076334-2

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert Vallati
This book is a great resource for both helpers and handlers

This book goes beyond being just a typical read; it's an exhaustive, detailed manual for properly training your dog in protection . Returning to the role of a helper after a long break, I find myself extremely fortunate to have this resource available. It offers all the elements necessary for unleashing my puppy's full potential. I'm thankful to have stumbled upon such a valuable guide that streamlines the training procedure. I strongly recommend this book to anyone intent on training their dog both correctly and efficiently.

Storm - 9 years old
Why I like this book on protection

I found this protection book in my mom's office. I picked it up and started reading. The book was very interesting because I love watching my parents and their friends train dogs, especially for protection.
I didn't finish the book because my mom is reading it now but I know enough to understand what my parents teach the dogs and when they make mistakes, which I love telling them about.
I even started training my 4.5-pound Yorkie with my dad using the stuff I learned about the boogie man, and she loves it. My favourite parts of the book are the boogie man, rhythm barking, and blind search. I wish my mom would get me my own protection book one day.

Anita Vallati
The best book ever written on how to train a dog in protection sports

I wish I had this book when my dog was just a puppy; it would have saved me from so many of the challenges I face today. My dog, now 10 months old, has always had a problem barking on command. I followed the steps in the book diligently. Within two days, my dog was barking energetically at my face. I have now transferred it into the blind with a ball. I've worked with many helpers, asking them to start my puppy off with "scare the helper" instead of bite work, but none were open to my request. After reading this book, I realize how important the foundation work is before any bite work can be offered. Despite my young dog already starting his bite work, I'm taking him back to the beginning as outlined in this book. I feel it is crucial to implement the steps in the book from the start before moving to a more advanced stage. Two of my friends who also have the book started from the beginning with their adult dogs because they recognize that some of the problems they face today could have been avoided if they followed the foundation outlined in Successful Together Protection. This book is a must for anyone who trains dogs in protection.

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