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Supplementary feed for the activation of the cartilage formation cells (chondroblasts) and effective support for the regeneration of the articular cartilage with improvement of the shock absorber function of the cartilage

Collagen is the main structural protein of the connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and articular cartilage. The targeted supply of collagen hydrolyzate in the Protect FLEX demonstrably activates the cartilage formation cells (chondroblasts), thus effectively supporting the regeneration of the articular cartilage and improving the shock absorber function of the cartilage. In addition, the bone tissue is optimized in terms of stability, flexibility, substance and density by stimulating the bone formation cells (osteoblasts).

The bioactive collagen in Protect FLEX is obtained from natural raw materials of animal origin, which have been examined by the veterinary authorities and released for human consumption (food quality). The small collagen peptides are characterized by high bioavailability and are absorbed by the body almost without loss. They have a great affinity for connective tissue structures such as ligaments, tendons, fascia, which are stretched around the muscle bellies and bones and cartilage.

The green-lipped mussel meat flour works together with the collagen peptides synergistically on the entire ligament apparatus and improves its resilience and elasticity.

The positive effect of bioactive collagen peptides on the entire connective tissue apparatus has been scientifically proven in several clinical studies.

The combination of Protect ADULT and Protect FLEX makes sense if your dog is particularly challenged in sports, is preparing for the exam and has to take exams.

Even sports dogs that grow into middle age benefit from the combination of green-lipped mussel meal with chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and

bioactive collagens in the Protect FLEX.

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