We are Connie and Peter Scherk.


I was born in 1966 and just like Peter I discovered my love especially for dogs very early. After years of going walkies with the neighbors dogs I was allowed to have a dog of my own. With Wolf a shepherd mix my passion for schutzhundsport began. At the local S.V. group I practiced all the disciplines and had great fun doing helper work. At 21 I got to know and love Peter. We have been a team ever since.


I was born in 1963 in Augsburg and ever since I can remember my greatest wish was to own a dog.

This wish became reality when I was 14 and I got my boxer Dino von der Ertelshöh. I started training with him at the dog club soon after. Since that time I have been fascinated with training dogs.

This fascination got a hold of me and has never let me go.

In 1987 I met my wife Connie at the dog club Heuwinkl. The club was in it’s infancy at this stage. I have been connected to the club since 1985 and in the meantime Heuwinkl is renown world wide. I am extremely proud of this career.


In the past we have had a small family business together, where we produced handmade knitwear.

Time has changed and so has our life. In 2008 we turned our hobby into a profession and we have not regretted this decision for a single second.

We earn our living with professional dog sports, including seminars that we hold worldwide. As a side effect, this fact has brought us wonderful holidays and many friends all over the world.

In the meantime we have had great successes, including three world championship titles with "Bendix vom Adlerauge" and another three from dogs that we train together with.

We work as trainers in Team Heuwinkl and together with our teammates we have made the club what it is today - one of the most successful dog sports club worldwide.


Since 2000, we are active in German Malinois Club’s (DMC) region Bavaria as 1st chairman and treasurer. In addition, from 2008 to 2016 Peter was training supervisor of the DMC.

With our friend Florian Knabl we wrote a book on obedience, which was a great success and is referred by many as the "Bible" in dog sport - "Successful together - the path to masterful obedience“.

In 2020 we developed a dog food that we can use in our trainings, thanks to the special shape and size of the chunks and its highest quality.

Beside the dog sport which fills and determines our lives, the greatest happiness is our daughter Lisa. She was born in 1992 and our dogs couldn't and still can't have a better friend than her.

In the meantime she has graduated from university and helps us a lot with our social media appearance and also with this homepage.

Have fun while browsing our site! Overall success:

2 x FCI World Champion

1 x FMBB World Champion

1 x 3. Place FMBB WM

16 x Team World Champion

2 x Bundessieger DMC

3 x Vice Bundessieger DMC

2 x 3. Place at DMC Championat 1 x Vice Champion at DHV DM

1 x Winner VDH DM

3 x 2. Place VDH DM

2 x 3. Place VDH DM