Wir möchten Euch zu einer Herzensangelegenheit einladen:K9 & SPORTS

We all love our working dogs, with all their complex characteristics, and want to give them a voice.
This is the first time that representatives of service dog-keeping authorities and sportsmen and women from all over the world have come together to coordinate, exchange and take pragmatic action.
K9 & SPORTS is a community of interest for the working dog, regardless of the specific breed, organisation, sport or service area. The initiative has already been able to win over well-known ambassadors from sports and service dog-keeping authorities worldwide.
We are convinced that we can achieve a lot as a community if we jointly use our energy for the cause.
✨Let us transparently demonstrate the enormous added value that working dogs offer to society.
✨Let's encourage young people.
✨Let us be proud of our working dogs and their characteristics.
Support our working dogs, the sport and the service dog sectors by giving your voice to the K9-and-Sports community. #OneVoice4WorkingDogs
Join, share the link with your friends, talk about it, discuss and let's find common ground!