Spass und Freude am Apportieren und Voraussenden mit Etzel

Retrieving, as well as being sent out with down, is a lot of fun for us and our dogs - they are both very dynamic and highly motivated exercises with a high drive level. 🔥

Anyone who has been doing dog sports for a while knows that this was not always the case. Retrieving in particular was traditionally subject to pressure. In particular, the problem of combining the drive-motivated runs with a calm, almost frozen sitting position when throwing the dumbbell, as well as the accurate holding of this in the front sit, unfortunately still has many people grabbing into the „force tool box“. 😔

It really doesn't have to be! We have strictly rejected this for decades and are absolutely convinced of our idea of ​​teaching the dogs to retrieve with positive motivation.

The send out exercise is not much different. The problem for many is, with a fast and energetic run, to teach the dog a safe and stable place - without creating conflicts.

Our ideas are fully explained in our book "Successful together - the way to masterful obedience" and you will also find the right instructional videos for all training steps on the video platform