Motivation, bzw. Bestätigung auf der Fährte
Very often we are asked what we offer our dogs on the track as reward.
For young dogs, we form the basis with the food croquettes from Kynovital - it is ideal and we give the little dog a whole food ration.
We now combine the generated search behavior with positive emotions by praising the dog very intensely during the search.
As the dogs get older, we reduce the normal food more and more, but we never leave it off completely. From 12 months we will of course switch from junior to adult. At some point we like to bring special highlights into play. On the one hand, there is the Frohlinder tracking sausage and, on the other hand, we use photo boxes filled with wet food.
The firm consistency of the Frohlinder sausage allows thin strips to be cut into finger lengths. These can be inserted vertically into the ground.
The photo boxes filled with wet food are closed after introducing them to the dog and are also buried in the ground.
The dogs cannot smell these high-quality forms of reward from a distance or even through superficial searches.
These 4 forms of reward (Kynovital croquettes, positive emotions - generated by a lot of praise, Frohlinder tracking sausage and jars filled with wet food) then form the basic motivation for our dogs on the track.
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