Fährtenfortschritt mit Boss

 Tracking progress with Boss

With this video we want to keep you up to date on the progress of Boss' tracking training.

Connie and Boss are already quite far advanced in the food degradation and we see that he does not change his beautiful search behavior - of course we are very happy about that!!!

We are convinced that it is crucial to place a lot of emphasis on good behavior right from the start. This means that the dogs should not see the kicks or the food with their eyes, but should use their nose from the start. Otherwise, you will quickly end up with an unattractive search pattern, where the dogs are pouncing from kick to kick like a bird. They usually increase their speed when there is no more food in the kicks to slow them down.

The plan to solve the problem at the corner also works perfectly - 1000 thanks again to Stefan Müller for the great idea of "searching backwards"!

If you are interested in the complete setup, we recommend that you attend a seminar with Stefan or watch our instructional videos at www.dogsport-online.com.

Have fun with it!