A quick way in the indicated direction and an equally quick and reliable down on command!

The idea of ​​how we get exactly the described is one of the oldest elements in our obedience program for around 35 years - and has been used stably and happily by an infinite number of dogs over the decades!

Our concept solves the problem of the often mutually inhibiting elements: reliably fast running vs. fast down.

A fast run out is still relatively easy with the hope of prey at the destination - but then it often becomes difficult with a determined and open down (without pressure!).

According to our idea, the dog stays in a positive mood even with the command "down", by reversing the target object: our dogs know exactly that when we call down, they can only expect the toy from us.

This enables learning without fear, as the concept is coherent in itself.

You can read more detailed instructions on how to get a reliable and happy send out in our book: "Successful Together"