„Bowie vom Clan der Wölfe“ feiert seinen 9. Geburtstag 🎉

When you think of Bowie, one often thinks first of Bowie's force and speed in the 2nd part of the protection service💥: in 4 DMC Championship participations, he was able to knock the helper down 3 times during the long escape! His spectacular long attack in the World Cup final is also unforgettable - we really sometimes had to hold our breath.

Bowie is also characterized by an extreme prey drive and a high level of will to please, which gave us a lot of fun in training and competitions. 🙌🏼

  • 🥇Winner of regional championships twice
  • 🥈2nd place DMC Championat
  • 🏅9th place FMBB WM

With his absolutely stable nature he is a very lovely family member at home, incredibly cuddly and simply a real benefit to everyday life. A dog with many facets and an "on and off button", as the saying goes.

Bowie is also a top sire and now has many great children. We also have a puppy of Bowie and we are very happy that we can find so many of his traits in his son Etzel!

Today there was an extra long walk and Bowie is allowed to do some birthday protection right away! 🤗