Gemeinsam Erfolgreich – Aktualisierungs-/Ergänzungsband (1. und 2. Auflage) (German)


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Gemeinsam Erfolgreich – Der Weg Zur Meisterhaften UnterordnungAktualisierungs- und Ergänzungsband zur 1. und 2. Auflage (German Language)

Since the first edition of Gemeinsam erfolgreich(2015) the dog sport has developed further, and we in Heuwinkl have contributed to it strongly. This and the many questions and suggestions of our readers and seminar participants since the first edition have led us to summarize all updates and additions in one volume.

The update and supplementary volume is intended for all owners of the first edition 2015 (1st and 2nd edition).

Owners of the first edition will receive with this supplement all innovations compactly summarized in one volume.

  • The marking of the correct moment and variable forms of confirmation create a concentrated learning environment for the dog.
  • The particularly positively motivating reinforcement of correct behaviour makes the use of corrections (e.g. crop) almost superfluous.
  • This new approach decisively changes the structure of the exercises Sitting, Placing and Standing.
  • Space and Standing, more stability and depth through a backward orientation.
  • The complicated sequence of movements for the left angle can be seen from a precisely depicted sequence of movements.
  • We have deciphered the demanding left-hand sweep in a detailed step-by-step sequence.
  • Adjustments for hand reduction in foot walking, a new idea for crossing the sloping wall quickly and with less strain on the joints and a new approach for collecting two toys for retrieving are powerful aids for many dog handlers.
  • Emotion and motivation, i.e. fun and enthusiasm, are the basis for successful training. That's why we have been successfully using barking as a pick-me-up and breast loosener in many exercises for some time now - and warmly recommend it to others.
  • Our training idea is not successful without reason, but is based on the findings of learning psychology. Much in dog training remains piecemeal because the knowledge about the processes in the brain is missing. We close this gap with a contribution about the psychology of learning - a real knock-hop for everyday life and training.

With the update and supplement volume to the 1st and 2nd edition of "Gemeinsam erfolgreich - Der Weg zur meisterhaften Unterordnung" (Successful together - the way to masterful submission) we are starting into the sports year 2019 and at the same time raising the level. Those who order now will lay the foundation stone for the successes in 2019 before the end of the year.

All exercises explained in detail with a variety of pictures and graphics. All exercises summarized "at a glance".


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According to some inquiries there seems to be some uncertainty for whom this update is intended and useful. For those who are not sure, we summarize:

  • The update and supplementation tape is intended for all owners of 1st and 2nd edition. In it all new features since the first edition are summarized. So anyone who has purchased "Gemeinsam erfolgreich" between 2015 and mid-2018 should buy the Update and Supplement Volume.
  • The 3rd edition of "Gemeinsam erfolgreich" will be published at the end of August 2018. All changes and innovations have already been incorporated into it. Owners of this edition can lean back: they are up to date and do not need the amendment volume.
  • For owners of "Gemeinsam erfolgreich zur Begleithundprüfung" the following applies: All exercises explained there are up to date. They do not need the amendment volume.

Dog sportsmen and women who want to practice subordination beyond the requirements of the companion dog test need the complete book "Gemeinsam erfolgreich" (Successful together), because essential parts of the IPO subordination (e.g. retrieving) are not described in the companion dog book. The update volume is not suitable for them.

The whole thing once again at a glance:

  • Successful Together, First and Second Edition. 2015 - August 2018 update volume
  • Successful together, 3rd edition From August 2018 No update volume
  • Together successful for the 2017 bra test No update band
  • For subordination beyond bra - Complete book

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