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Kynovital Treadmill

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Fitness training detached from dogs trainingsplace

After extensive development and an extensive test phase, we are proud to introduce to you our new KYNOViTAL dog treadmill.

From the beginning our aim was to create a functional and dog friendly fitness device for our active four-legged friends. It is important for us to map the natural movements of our dogs. They should independently and self-propelled improve their fitness und build muscles in a targeted manner. They should not train without fun and targeted rewarding. To ensure this, we have developed a patented braking system that gives us the possibility to reward the dog on point.

Our treadmill is the ideal training tool aside from the dog place, everyday activity and in periods when our time is limited. Only a perfectly trained body guarantees a great fitness feeling and optimal competition results. Try it out and you will be surprised by the results or by the positive physical and mental change of your dog.

In this sense … ‚Let’s run have fun‘

Fitness training detached from dogs trainingsplace

based on the training of competitive athletes (football, hockey etc.)

natural gait pattern thanks to the non-slippy, continuous rubberized tread, as the dog does not extend its claws

without plates and associated injuries with them to toes and claws

minimized risk of injury through optimized connections

without a motor, driven only by the dog, simulates and strengthens the natural movements

adjustable resistance which leads to perfect muscle building

best suited for sport dogs by using sprint trainings

also ideal for retired sport dogs to maintain physical fitness

fast physical exertion without spending a lot of time on busy days f.e. (short time intervals)

Great fun factor!

Let’s run - have fun!

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